Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Keyword Research:

I know preciously I have already touch base on this topic, Hence I want to cover a bit more ground, because this is the essence to drive traffic to your webpage, think about it, traffic is the life blood of any success webpage.

One tool which I am going through is Google keyword tool (Google Adwords). Why used Google Adwords? Well it’s simple… IT’S FREE. Now if you don’t have an account yet, please create an account at:

When performing the keywords research, you need to identify the long tail keywords (keyword which are three words or more) e.g.: “Make Money” this keyword for example will be much too great and competitive and generic, Now if you try something like “make money from home” This will be specific and that’s what we want to focus on. The idea behind this is if we are going for a generic keyword e.g.: 1 or 2 words it’s too generics and too competition, chance is your site will never be seen. Now with long tail keyword, this will narrow down to e.g.: sub niche which is less competition meaning your site will have a much better chance to rank highly in Search Engines like Google.

The good thing about Google Keyword tools allow you to see is the monthly performance search on local and global, average CPC, advertiser Competition and a few other information. What we are looking here is to select for any keyword that return 500 – 1000 result per month; hence anything more then it’s no good as it’s too competitive.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Creating a Website:

Back in the early day of internet, created a website was very intimidating. Now a day getting your site up is easy as 123, that’s because there’s many free content management which pretty much do all the hard and nerdy stuff for us already e.g.: blogger or Wordpress.

On this particular exercise, Wordpress would be the prefer option and you will find out why as it come. Wordpress it’s so easy to install and setup that you will have your website up and running in minutes. But also Wordpress have many benefits apart from it user friendly, Google seem to love Wordpress, which is really an advantage. Google tend to index a new site within hours where compare to other it make take weeks or month. Another point why Wordpress is so popular, it had many amazing plugging and themes which are mostly free that you can make site after site and it’s all unique. Now a day most of the hosting provider will have Wordpress freely available as part of their platform. And it‘s very easy to install and setup in your hosting. Therefore I am not going to into the details to explain how you can install this platform, it’s that simple.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Domain Names and Hosting:

This is the most important step, the 1st step toward launching your niche, is to sign up for a web hosting package and having your own domain name. Of cause there are many free hosting and domain provider out there to name a few e.g.: or which seems to be the most popular choice. But do have some restriction pending on what you want or expect e.g.: video streaming.

So in this path I recommended to have your own domain name (name that is relating to your niche / products) e.g.:, funny enough people perception plays a very strong role, what I mean is if your niche is on present like: compare to or, people tend to trust more to buy your products on your domain name. And that is just our human perception.

But hey having your own domain name and wed hosting package is inexpensive now a day, the cost of hosting per month is anything between $2 - $5 will provided some excellent hosting size and bandwidth; Plus your domain registration for somewhere between $6 - $12 per year. There are many Domain registrar and Web Hosting providers out there. For me these seem to be best for values: and both have well prices and offers excellent support.

Now choosing your domain name, that can be very time consuming as some of the name you think may already been taken / registered. So make sure you take your time to have a domain that fit for your niche or products, for example if you are promoting diets products then your domain will be something like You may try many different words before you can find a free vacant domain name for your products. But make sure it’s relate to your niche also another point when selecting your domain try to incorporate keywords in your domains when possible.