Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Drive Traffic to your Site

Traffic is the life blood of any site, what is the point if you have a site and no one come to visit, no one knew of the web pages. All your effort and hours had been waste. So traffic is the essence to any web survival. Now how do we get traffic? Well that’s where keyword you have previously research come into play. From the list of keywords you have found base on your research you write some quality content focusing solely on those terms and phrase.
Now true that you have the web up, registered with some major Search Engine, that alone won’t make the site rank well. We need to make our website earn credibility, and this will be achieved in several ways: get traffics through back links and articles to post on forums like: can be descript as articles market place or portal and this site can generate you lots and lots of traffic back to your web base on the quality of article you write/ post and the niche you selected. The more articles you write to promote your products / niche you have on your site (quality articles) the more traffic you will get. So go and get yourself an account with this will give you the basic account meaning you are only allow to submit 10 articles which then the board will review your work (take about 2 weeks for free members) and if you have good quality work they will promote you to Basic plus or you can jump the queue and become a premium member for about $100 a month which give you lots of paid members benefits like in any memberships you join (like review your articles and release within few hours).
Some other ways to get free traffics or web exposed are:

Forum – where you discuss and debate on the niche you select.
Social Network – Facebook or Twitter.
But the best traffic I find is PPC traffic (Pay Per Click) which basically you place an ads through Search Engines and when people click on your ads you paid a fee to your Search Engines where you place the ads with, hence the fee vary pending on the keyword you choose and you only paid if people click on your ads. PPC is a very powerful tool to get traffic and target traffic, though it can do you much good and harm and eat your profit down to nothing without you making a cent. So unless you are sure and confidents of what your aims are, stay with free traffic through forum, social network and