Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Niche Research and selection:

I can stress enough the importance of research, as good research will lead to success, if this is not done, your campaign will almost certainly lead to failure. Hence the goal of Niche research, this activity will let you know what information / niche that people are hunger for and are willing to pay for these information’s though keep in mind also when selecting a niche. DO choose one that you are also be interest, or you know something about.
Reason for these selection is really simple, it make more sense to select something either you know about or interest about. These will make it easier for you to write contents. In contrast if you select a niche that you have no idea about ... well writting a niche can be very boring put it that way. OK let start on the nich research, best place to start: Clickbank or PayDotCom...

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Earn Money From Your Website

What I am going to do is show you ways to generate extra income straight to your pocket. Key to remember the more you put in the more you get out. There’s no such thing get free money by doing nothing. The more effort you put in the more you get out from your work, remember time is Money $$$.
Below are the few steps you need to start in earning your residual income month after month!

Ok let start! Hate going around the bush …

1. Research and select a niche, though there’s many place to choose from.

• Clickbank best market place to get start.

• PayDotCom another market place to start your niche search as well.

• Products review forum, one I used most is ezinearticles.com the site will give you the insight products / niche you select that been post by people that had been used / bough the products.

• Then of cause Google trends.

2. Keywords that match your niche.

• Google Adwords is a very powerful tool to use.

• Yahoo Market Search another must tool to use in your campaign.

• Keyword spy (free trial) gives you best keyword matching your niche but also keywords from your competitors.

3. Your own website:

• How and where to register your domain and hosting your site.

• Application for your web site e.g.: Wordpress

• What to place in your web that attracts sales and earn commissions.

4. Way to drive traffic to your site:

• How to use forum and bulleting boards to bring target traffics e.g. ezinearticles.com

• How to use Social Networks sites to bring traffics e.g.: Twitter, youtube, myspace, facebooks to name a few.

• Then the power of Pay Per click advertising traffics.

5. Analyze niches traffics sales:

• How to use Clickbank or PayDotCom statistics to decide now which products /niche worth and earn.

6. From the winning niches you will learn how to keep:

• Momentum

• Duplication

Next lesson... Coming soon…!