Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Niche Research and selection:

I can stress enough the importance of research, as good research will lead to success, if this is not done, your campaign will almost certainly lead to failure. Hence the goal of Niche research, this activity will let you know what information / niche that people are hunger for and are willing to pay for these information’s though keep in mind also when selecting a niche. DO choose one that you are also be interest, or you know something about.
Reason for these selection is really simple, it make more sense to select something either you know about or interest about. These will make it easier for you to write contents. In contrast if you select a niche that you have no idea about ... well writting a niche can be very boring put it that way. OK let start on the nich research, best place to start: Clickbank or PayDotCom...

Next lesson ... soon!

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