Monday, February 1, 2010


Clickbank is world best market place for affiliates, thousands used every day. Some sellers who write a product, but majorities are affiliates.
Clickbank is a marketplace which had a database listing of every products that is available for affiliates to promotes . Like any market place this is a very good place to start your niche research.
Let’s look at the interface as recently click bank had made a face lift. 2 area we are interest in “ Category” box and “Sort by” box.

Ok what those term mean in the sort box: Popularity, % commission, Gravity, $ Earned / Sale, % Earned / Sale, Future $, Total $ Sale, % Referred. However for the purpose on this exercise, we only need to understand “popularity, Gravity and $ Earned / Sale.
- Popularity is define as the number of sales a product made over a period of time.
- Gravity is define as the numbers of affiliates that have earned a commission in selling the product in question.
- $ Earned / Sale – definition is straightforward earned per sale.
Now let select a niche for our training purple, and we going to sort out by gravity high, remember as I mention before when you as a start when selecting a niche, do select a niche that you have interest / your hobbies. First thing let’s type “mobiles phones in the “find product” box, or any other products or hobbies that may interest you, hence you will see tons of products in those area.

From the result, first step is to look at the gravity, as define before, gravity is the number of affiliates been commission from the chosen products. So what this really mean high gravity or low gravity? This really tell us the numbers whether or not there is an active market to used the products and if the market is saturated or not. If the gravity is very low, this would also mean that very few are making any money with the products. If the gravity too high mean too many other people are promoting this products therefore strong competition. So the best is selecting a niche that had gravity somewhere in the middle or average. Now that you understand niche searching, what’s next ...? I suggest you repeat this activity to search for a few more niche that truly interest you...

Next lesson... Coming soon…!

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