Sunday, February 14, 2010

Product / niche Review

By now you should already have practice in selecting your niche, this step is to review your niche and see what other people have express their opinion or acknowledge on the products / niche. Welcome to, this is the site where users can submit articles on products / niche. Please note this is more then just an article directory as it a free advertisement to drive web traffic back to your websites. And web traffic is the essence to make money online.
Now if you type the product of your niche on the and the result coming up over and over again and match the result from your Clickbank result and your criteria, this would only draw to one conclusion, you have find a good niche for yourself.
Research is the key for you to make money or to waste money, so be very diligent in your research, though there many other ways to perform this search for free, but this is just one of the ways I am doing it…

Next lesson … Google Trends which many have over seen this free tool.

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